A mother has told how she sold a kidney to buy her family a house – only for it to be destroyed in the Nepal earthquake.

The men of the village Hawks in Nepal show scars from surgery after removal of the kidney.

In such places, people can steal the middle of the street to send an operation can promise mountains of gold, and even assured that "the kidney grows back again." A small village in Nepal Hawks even called "kidney village" for its sad glory.

Almost every villager Hawks have only one kidney.

Brokers sell organs often visit the Hawks (Hokse, Nepal) and the surrounding neighborhood, to convince residents in need of money to get rid of his kidneys. These brokers go to any tricks for the sake of profit. Using wild villagers poverty and low level of their education, they are assured the poor that two kidney for a man - a luxury that the one he lives easier and simpler, and in general the kidney is an organ, which eventually grows back. All imaginable and unimaginable ways they are trying to persuade people to go to the south of India, where he made the necessary operations.

Gita, a mother of four children, had sold his kidney to buy a new home.

It is in this trap and hit the Gita, a mother of four children. During his kidney she received only $ 2,000. "In the ten years that there are these people who are trying to persuade to sell a kidney, I always answered all refusal - says Gita -. But my old house was completely flimsy We really needed a home.." Then Geeta went with my sister in law, who worked as a broker for the sale of organs, in India. The operation itself was only half an hour, but the state of the Gita was so severe that she had to stay in the hospital for three weeks. Then, having received 200,000 Nepalese rupees, Geeta went home, bought a house and some land to him. Unfortunately, the earthquake that occurred this year, completely destroyed her new home.

Not all voluntarily give a kidney, some residents of Nepal kidnap and forcibly sent to the operation.

Not all sellers of organs as loyal to persuade the villagers. Sometimes the poor simply kidnap and forcibly sent to the operations or the kidney is removed under the pretext of other operations. Frequent and murder for the sake of the two kidneys immediately. But even with mutual consent, all these bodies later sell at least six times more expensive than getting their donors.