Father and son slice into a hornet’s nest, but what they find? Unbelievable…

I don’t know about you, but I am extremely scared of bees and wasps! With that being said, these insects are fascinating.

Did you know hornets are actually a subset of wasps? Hornets are a breed of social wasps, living in large, highly organized, colonies.

Typically, hornets like to build their nests in high areas. These include, but are not limited to:

– Attics

– Treetops

– Under roofs

– Decking

– Sheds

– Garages

– Hollow tree trunks

– Areas that are raised off the ground.

Hornet nests which are elevated are sometimes free-hanging, using a stalk called a petiole which attaches to the nearest object such as a tree branch.

Dan and son Lincoln wanted to see the inside of one of these amazing structures so they ordered a wasp nest from eBay. They then broadcasted their findings on their YouTube Channel “What’s Inside” – where they open up all kinds of stuff.

At first, they didn’t know if they should open the nest inside or outside their home. But then decided to just “do it” inside on the kitchen table.

The kids are fascinated by how intricate the structure is, although Lincoln is a little bit afraid there might still be a live one inside.