In today's world, women are constantly bombarded with ideas about why they shouldn't have any body hair.

There are many "reasons" given as to why hair on women is bad and needs to be removed. But these 19 women are swimming upstream, they are confidently showing how beautiful body hair can be.

1. "There's nothing worse than a unibrow!"

But she actually looks pretty rad.

2. "Women should be shaved clean!"

Then this lady would miss her awesome pink pits.

3. "Thick eyebrows aren't feminine!"

Whoa, but she is beautiful.

4. "It's gross when women show their body hair!"

Actually, no one really cares what you think.

5. "You can never wear dresses if you don't shave your legs."

She doesn't think so.

6. "Hairy eyebrows on girls are nasty!"

Her eyebrows are a dream.

7. "Only men should have armpit hair!"

Why don't you tell that to Madonna.

8. "Women should always have smooth, shaved legs!"

Says who?

9. "Women should pluck their eyebrows!"

Or maybe instead of plucking, they should pick the color of their choice and have some fun!

10. "Body hair isn't cute!"

Well, she's pretty cute.

11. "Armpit hair isn't feminine!"