At an age where teens are going through so many changes to their bodies, they try to fit in and find their place.

Meagan Barnard, at the age of 15, was dealing with so much more than that. Meagan got the devastating news that she had lymphedema, a rare, incurable disease that caused extreme swelling in her right leg due to damaged lymph nodes. Meagan was made the target of cruel taunts and jokes in high school. She was even given the nickname, "Michelin Man."

Living in constant fear of ridicule, this teen would refuse to wear skirts, shorts or anything that would reveal her leg. Now at the age of 24, Meagan has decided to make a courageous decision and share her story.

Meagan is sharing her storing in hopes of inspiring others with the same condition. She has even started modeling to show the world that this condition does not define her, it is a part of who she is and it is nothing to be ashamed of. Since taking her brave step in front of the camera, Meagan says "it has taken this weight off her shoulders," she feels so much better about her life and she feels so much happier.

Meagan's new mission to pursue modeling and to inspire young girls to be who they are in spite of any obstacles is a beautiful tale and should be shared with the world!

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