A Scottish woman mistakenly brought her husband’s expired passport with her on the way to Turkey for a vacation, but security didn’t even realize it.

Marion Lamond, 53, made it all the way to Turkey from Scotland using her husband’s expired passport before any airport personnel noticed.

Lamond picked up her husband Derek’s passport by mistake and oddly, made it through two airport security checkpoints without being questioned.

It wasn’t until she arrived at Dalaman airport in Turkey that she noticed she had been carrying her husband’s passport which had also been expired for five years.

She was traveling with a friend whom she was separated from after landing in Turkey and being taken aside for interrogation.

After being sent all the way back home, Lamond reportedly booked a flight back to Dalaman for the following day to try to meet up with her friend and salvage her vacation.

According to Metro, Lamond admits that her careless mistake is the root of the problem, but she can’t fathom how she made it so far before security — the people we entrust to secure our safety — realized she was traveling under an entirely different person’s identity.

“He’s a male and I am a female — you can tell the difference and plus the fact that his passport was five years out of date,” she reportedly said.

“How could it happen? Especially with the country being on high alert. If they had noticed it at Edinburgh airport, I could have easily phoned my husband to bring my passport. It’s only 20 minutes or so away,” she added.

Lamond was disturbed by the fact that she could have ended up in jail all over a silly mistake that should have been corrected before she ever boarded a single plane.

“That’s the most frightening thing — I could have been in jail,” she reportedly said. “I know I am a terror but I am not a terrorist.”

A spokesman for Edinburgh Airport explained that checking passports of passengers leaving the country is up to the airline’s discretion.

“The only time we would check passports is when people are coming back into the airport,” he said.

Thomson Holidays Airlines, the company Lamond was flying with, claims they’ve conducted an investigation into the incident and urge passengers to double check their documents.

“We’re concerned to hear of Mrs. Lamond’s experience. We have carried out a thorough investigation with the relevant parties at the airport and appropriate measures have been taken to ensure this very rare incident does not happen again,” a spokesperson said. “We also ask all passengers to ensure they have the relevant, up-to-date documents with them at all times.”

Travelers definitely can avoid these mishaps by making sure they have the appropriate documents they need, but let’s be honest, someone at that airport needs to be fired.