Mom holds baby on her chest after a car accident.

Danni Bett is a new mom from New Zealand. While driving with her daughter Indi, she lost control of her car and crashed head-on into a metal fence. Although she was in terrible pain, she was more worried about her baby. She screamed for bystanders to help her daughter, and miraculously, Indi was still asleep in her seat without a scratch on her. When paramedics arrived, they put Danni in a neck brace and transported mom and baby to the hospital.

As the medical staff prepared to give Danni painkillers, she heard her daughter crying. Indi was hungry, and the hospital suggested they could give her a bottle of formula. Danni refused, and asked them to refrain from giving her any painkillers so she could breastfeed her daughter. As soon as Indi latched on, they both felt immediate relief.

Breastfeeding was just the thing they both needed after the traumatic event. Thankfully mother and baby are doing just fine now!