They call this Iranian lifter 'The Persian Hercules' and you won’t believe how big he is…

Many say that ‘The Mountain’ from Game of Thrones is the largest man on Earth, but this Iranian lifter is being called the “Persian Hercules” and you won’t believe how big he is!

Meet Sajad Gharibi, also known as the Persian Hercules.

Gharibi’s pictures have gone viral since he started posting pictures of himself on Instagram.

People call him everything from the Persian Hercules to The Iranian Hulk – Although not being green of course.

This dude is so big he doesn’t even have a neck!

This Iranian powerlifter AKA Persian Hercules is only 24 years old, but weighs 386 pounds of pure muscle!

One fan even photoshopped his skin to be green and you can obviously see the resemblance to The Hulk.

When he stands by himself, it’s very difficult to understand his enormous size. Here he is next to a normal size human…

Here he is standing up against a giant electric pole. We’re pretty sure he could snap that thing like a twig!