If you were offered the chance to read minds, would you take it?

It's human nature since you don't have what they have and so you experience things differently than they would. If girls could ask guys honest questions to quench their curiosities, these would be the 15 go to questions to ask...plus 15 answers from this guy.

How do you live with such boring looking underwear?

We have better looking underwear than you. Most guys just prefer to bulk shop at Costco because we're frugal.

How does it feel to walk with squishy dangling appendages in between your legs? Do they hit your thighs from side to side like a pendulum?

You know when a guy goes to adjust? That's because sometimes it gets dislodged. Most of the time it sits in a comfortable position in our underwear, so it's contained. We have no control over where it is. If it decides to get squished, we have to make adjustments. Deal with it. And, no, we don't sit on our balls.

How does it feel to still look good after only paying ten dollars for a haircut?

How do you resist the urge to play with your balls? Seriously, they're like a stress reliever toy form the '90s. You've got an awesome childhood in your pants and you're letting it go to waste.

Or my balls would explode and I'd look like I'm having a seizure while having rabies. Even the slightest flick will send any guy into a severe shock, causing unrelenting pain and anguish. Balls are not toys.

Why are guys obsessed with boobs?

“We’re attracted to them because we don’t have them and it’s what our guy brains just want.”

What’s so exciting about football?

“There’s tailgating, hot cheerleaders, guys beating each other up…but mostly I like that there are a limited number of games so it’s a weekly event where I get to hang out with friends and be dedicated to my team.”

Can a guy and a girl be just friends?

“Yes, but I think at some point one of them will develop an attraction to the other. If they can get over that, they’re probably good.”

Do you judge girls by their jobs?

“A little. If she has been waitressing or babysitting and seems content with that with no goals, it’s a little concerning.”

When do you tell a girl you love her?

“That’s not something to take lightly and there’s no exact time frame, but I guess when you are past the initial butterflies, know her flaws, and still see long term potential.”

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