This is how she looked before she spent $135,000 on plastic surgeries. How she looks after? Umm…

It is a look that many people will recognize from popular television such as Keeping Up The Kardashians or many other shows on MTV, which is a look that has been taken under the knife by plastic surgeons who sculpt and form people’s bodies to fit a particular shape and form that they request.

It may seem like only stars and famous people go under the knife for plastic surgery, but in fact every day working people do as well to perfect their look exactly the way they want it.

One of those people is Pixee Fox, a woman whose goal is to look like a cartoon character by the end of her plastic surgery journey.

Pixee has spent over $135,000 on plastic surgery thus far, and aims to continue to spend as much as needed until every inch of her body is just the way she wants it. She has had many operations done to almost every part of her body, ranging from her breasts, to nose, waist, even her eyes, however she wants to take the next step now.

Pixee has been talking to doctors about getting butt implants in order to give her backside that bump she desires, but doctors are coming to her now with some warnings.

Due to all the plastic surgery she has had done in the past, they are warning Pixee that she will start to look weird and deformed if any more is performed on her.

The doctors from Botched! were extremely surprised with how much Pixee has had done on her, and tried to convince her that what she was doing is a bad idea, but she wanted to continue perusing her dream of becoming a cartoon character.

Pixee is loving her lifestyle though. She wears a corset quite frequently, and keeps up her followers on Instagram, now reaching over 219,000. She claims that cartoon characters represent the idealization of the female body, and it is her goal to pursue those standards.

In addition to having her breasts worked on, eye color changed, nose fixed, and waist toned, she also has had six ribs removed in order to allow for a thinner look.

Pixee used to be a normal electrician, but now aims for the high life of being a beauty icon in the world. Pixee knows that if she keeps up her lifestyle and habits, she will be able to beat the current world record holder for the thinnest waist, coming in at only 15 inches.

Though many disagree with Pixee’s lifestyle, she wants to make it clear that she does not care what other people think, and is simply trying to pursue her dream of looking as perfect as she can get.