Always love seeing trolls proven wrong!

Social media is a powerful tool, but it's double-edged. Yes, it's a mighty broadcasting platform to spread your message and connect with people. But it's also a means for jerks to put people down at arm's length and without meaningful consequences.

It's easy to reduce it all and dismiss it as simple attention-seeking, but we all need attention sometimes. It's a totally valid need. Just think of how you react when you're trying to grab someone's attention and they ignore you. Really gets under your skin, right? But not all attention-seekers go about it in the same way. Some do it in healthy ways, while others just want to tear people down. Can you blame anybody for wanting to fight back?

Even though we're living in a booty-friendly world, where we've agreed that baby having back is a good thing, we still have to deal with internet trolls who just can't deal with bootylicious women like Instagram star Raylynn, the proud owner of a 70-inch caboose.

This is, of course, all Kim Kardashian's fault

Flaunting her curves ushered in a new age of shapely booty, and everyone's trying to keep up with her.

Raylynn has attracted more than 300,000 Instagram followers with her abundant booty and, more importantly, a strong commitment to body positivity.

And yet the haters, who are going to hate, just want to put her down. These people, for some reason, have accused her of using Photoshop to enhance her curves.

So she posted a video that shows her dancing around, strutting her stuff.

As you can see, there's no digital trickery involved — she's just shaking what her momma gave her.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes, but Raylynn's proportions do seem to be one-sided.

Maybe it's because she has so much going on around her hips compared to her waist and shoulders that the internet's cruelty comes out.

So in spite of her body-positive focus, Raylynn took an extraordinary step to silence her critics..

To be clear, Raylynn, a mother of one, is completely comfortable in her own skin.

"Hate only affects those who let it affect them," she wrote in one post.

But sorting through posts with hurtful comments that trash her and accuse her of making sex tapes — which she adamantly refuses having done — has to be incredibly draining.