Human beings are pretty smart animals. When compared to the rest of the animal kingdom, we're the smartest by quite a large margin.

With that being said, there are some people who aren't the brightest, but everybody also has their "dumb" moments. Some people's moments may be a bit more on the extreme side than others, but there are times when people just take it a little bit too far. That's exactly what happened when beachgoers at Havana Beach, Lebanon saw a turtle.

One beachgoer decided it would be a good idea to pull the turtle out of the water and throw it onto the beach.

A crowd began forming around the turtle, hoping to get pictures with it.

People then began taking photos, even putting a boy on the turtle's skull. While this doesn't seem like an overall dangerous scenario, it takes a turn for the worse.

The combination of these things put the turtle in a critical state. Some people stepped in to stop the torture of the turtle, helping to bring it to safety.

Animals Lebanon stepped in and rescued the turtle from that point. They have given it antibiotics to help fend off any infection, as well as a safe area to reside and recover in.

Thankfully, the turtle is expected to make a full recovery and will be swimming away from this incident in one piece.

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