Anna from Australia is over the moon: She has a date with Henry, a man that she's been secretly in love with for years.

She wants everything to go perfectly and wants to look her best, so she sits herself down in front of the mirror.

She doesn't seem very pleased with the face looking back at her in the mirror and then she finds a gigantic zit - the worst! As she's trying to cover it up, something incredible happens to her face:

Anna can model her body like clay. She can pinch and squeeze and build herself a dream body without going under the knife! Thankfully this eerie video isn't real, but rather a fictitious short film from director Sandy Widyanata, titled "Plastic." The film attempts to criticize ideals of beauty that are far removed from reality.

Anna does something admirable in the end, however, she rejects her "perfect" figure and decides to stick with her original body and when Henry opens the door, he thinks she is gorgeous as she is. This is an important lesson that we should all remember next time we look in the mirror.