Unbelievable what she achieves with her willpower

34-year-old Christian "CeCe" Hill has always been overweight. The nursing student from Orlando, Florida, has dealt with issues related to her weight ever since she was attending elementary school. Often she hid in the locker room to eat snacks and to escape the derision of her classmates.

These dreadful experiences caused her to develop a bad depression. Her unhealthy relationship with food continued as an adult. CeCe was always very lonely and fled into the world of online computer games such as World of Warcraft. She played without ever taking a break, drank 12 bottles of Coke per day and ate mostly pizza, fried chicken, cake and other kinds of junk food.

Ultimately, her gaming account was blocked because she often played longer than 24 hours in a row and the operators began to worry about her health."Eating and playing was all I did. There wasn't anything else in my life and that's why I lost control," she said.

While she was on vacation in the Bahamas, she became wedged in a waterslide at the pool and couldn't get out without assistance. Five paramedics had to help her. The torture lasted several hours and deeply humiliated CeCe. Her weight also began to make her work life more difficult.

She could hardly move her patients and didn't fit into her nurse uniform anymore. "I had to order extra large sizes online. It was degrading," she said.

When the huge Harry Potter fan wasn't able to ride the Hogwarts rollercoaster at Universal Studios because she was too heavy, CeCe had had enough. She had her stomach size reduced by 80 percent and 14 lbs of extra skin removed. Within nine months, she lost a drastic 163 lbs. She meticulously documented her operation on social media channels to show the whole extent of her transformation.

But although she had lost so much weigh, she didn't feel relieved. She still didn't like her outer appearance. She was extremely crestfallen and gained another 55 lbs before she decided she'd had enough once and for all. Then she had a life-saving - and very unusual - idea: She enrolled in a pole-dancing course and went to the class every day. "On my first day, I felt very uncomfortable in my shorts and the training top. I was the fattest girl in the room. But everyone was so friendly, it was wonderful. I had never in my life felt so accepted before."