Looking through new eyes

Every day we come across countless things and have no idea what they're really meant for. Well, wonder no more after reading this list.

The blue half of an eraser

The red half is obviously used to erase regular pencil, but the rougher blue side is meant to erase ink. If you are using thick paper, it will actually rub away the top layer, if you're using thin paper, it might leave a hole.

​Cylinder on your laptop's charging cable

You've probably noticed the thick part of your laptop's charger before, right? But did you know why it's there? The magnetic core located inside ensures that your wireless connection isn't interrupted by the disruptive vibrations of your own laptop or other electric devices

Extra holes in your running shoes

Not many people notice the extra holes in their running shoes, but they actually serve an important function. They make sure that your foot won't slip in your shoes, which prevents the formation of blisters. The following video shows how you should properly make use of them:

The hole in the top of pen caps

Did you know that the tiny hole in the cap of pens can save a life? The longer you hold a pen in your hand, the more likely you are to stick it in your mouth - including the cap. To prevent asphyxiation after swallowing a pen cap, the manufacturers added a tiny hole to allow air to pass to your lungs until the paramedics arrive.