Kamryn Renfro looks like a typical 9-year-old girl on the outside, but she is wise beyond her years.

When her friend, Delany Campbell, was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, Kamryn had to watch her friend go through chemotherapy and lose all of her hair. Delaney started feeling better after her treatment, but soon the cancer came back.

After a second round of treatment took Delaney's hair again, Kamryn wanted to find a way to support her brave friend. She decided to shave off all her hair so that Delaney wouldn't have to be bald alone.

“It felt like the right thing to do,” Kamryn said about her decision. And of course it helped Delaney immensely. "It made me feel very special and that I’m not alone,” she said. But not everyone applauded Kamryn for her compassionate act. When she returned to her school in Colorado, teachers told her not to come back until she had hair.

Delaney's mother couldn't believe it when she heard it. She posted the story on social media and it quickly went viral. Hundreds of people were outraged by what the school did to Kamryn. The reaction got the attention of the school board, who apologized to Kamryn and reversed the decision.

Now Kamryn and Delaney are free to just be kids, and enjoy their friendship.

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