A steady hand and patience required

Elsa Rhae is a talented make-up artist who regularly impresses fans on her YouTube channel. But she has talents outside of make-up: wall decoration. All she needed was a roll of tape to get started.

She picked out a specific pattern that consists of a number of squares. She began with a simple square and then drew a slanted line up from one corner, completing a slightly shifted square within the first. She continued this way until the square was filled.

You can take a look at the tedious, but rewarding project in a time-lapse video here:

Next, Elsa drew a mirror image square next to and below the original, creating a symmetrical pattern of squares.

Then she transferred the pattern to her wall, marking it with tape instead of pen.

After many hours of taping, she went back over everything with the backside of a spoon to make sure it was well attached to the wall and free of air bubbles.

Next, she painted the shapes in an ombré of black, grey, and white, hiding the tape for the time being...

The paint took about 24 hours to dry and then it was time to remove the tape. Thankfully, taking it off is quicker than putting it on.

Wow. It's incredible to see what's left behind. It almost looks like wallpaper. You have to look really closely to see that the pattern is actually painted on the wall. So good!

I want that wall in my room! But we'll see if I have the patience to do all of that taping... maybe I'll stick with wallpaper after all.