A unique beauty in this world

Twenty-one-year-old Marimar Quiroa of California is an incredible example of strength of character. She was born with a facial tumor called cystic hygroma, which means she is unable to speak, breathe or eat normally.

She has to use sign language to communicate, eats through a tube in her stomach, and breathes via a hole in her throat. In these circumstances, it would have been easy for her to fall into depression or want to remain hidden away from the eyes of the world.

But Marimar is no ordinary individual—she's really a fighter. Since her childhood, she decided to build up her confidence in her own way. She would encourage herself by making lists of all the things about herself that were positive, and she would even talk to herself in the mirror, telling herself that she was beautiful.

As an adult, she decided to follow her passion for makeup and started her own video blog on YouTube giving makeup tutorials, beauty and fashion tips, and above all, inspiring confidence in others. She runs the channel in sign language and without ever expecting it, she now has over five million views and gets countless messages from women who she has inspired with her always positive and encouraging personality.

People leave their comments after viewing Marimar's videos, often very nice compliments and words of encouragement. But sadly not everyone is so positive about her venture, and daily life can be really hard for her when people stare on the street or throw insults her way. But Marimar has come up with the best solution:

"When people say negative things to me I either tell them to stop or just ignore them. But if people are staring at me, I stare right back and refuse to look away until they stop."

What amazing strength of character!

This girl, far from being knocked down by life's hardships, embraces life to the fullest. As well as making her videos, Marimar is also training to become a teacher for deaf children and attends beauty school in the evening. She is also a Zumba instructor and teaches a class every week. What a beautiful paradox—she seeks to help others, and because of her unique beauty, she has the inner strength to do it. And this uniqueness does not come as a result of her disability, but it is all due to her extraordinary vitality.

You have to admire this young person who dives head first into the frivolous world of appearance, creates her own reputation, and excels by devoting her life to helping others. What a star!