When judging a possible hotel or resort destination online, it is important to realise that sometimes things are made to look better than they are. Here are some examples of a Mexican holiday resort in Puerto Vallarta where the pictures told a different story to the reality.

Reality: The Jacuzzi is quite unremarkable and simple.

Expectation: The pool looks very big and enticing in this lighting.

Reality: The pool is a normal size and quite plain.

Expectation: The resort looks like a quiet and peaceful paradise.

Reality: It is filled with kids playing and lots of other water activities.

Expectation: The pool area looks big and tranquil.

Reality: The pool area is often crowded and busy.

Expectation: Beautiful models in bikinis.

Reality: Normal people with their families.

Expectation: A stunning balcony view.

Reality: Nothing very exciting to see here.

Expectation: Warm and comfortable luxury bathroom.

Reality: Boring, stone bathroom with standard fittings.

Expectation: High-end gym facilities.

Reality: All the gym equipment that is actually on offer for use.

Expectation: A spacious bathroom.

Reality: The real size of the bathroom shows how cramped it really is.