I doubt many of us can think &tt&cringeworthy album covers&tt& without thinking of Kirk Van Houten's &tt&Can I Borrow A Feeling,&tt& and for the purposes of this collection I've subbed it above for the Cody Matheson version that either he stole from The Simpsons or vice versa. I don't really want to know which. I'm too busy hearing Homer incessantly laughing.br/That's just the tip of the iceberg to the collection one Redditor -- with a little help of his friends -- has compiled to keep the r/Funny gang entertained on a summer dog day afternoon. All will make you cringe, some much more than others. I really want to know the backstory to each.br/Warning: the final two are kinda NSFW, but probably worth risking the work safety for.br/Via r/Funny