Now aside from making music videos whilst in a chemistry lab, another fun thing to do is experiment with any number of the elements and their derivatives from the Periodic Table. From explosions, bursts of colour, compounds catching fire and pretty much everything in between, here's 15 incredible chemical experiments and their reactions that you simply need to remember, don't try these at home folks! These GIFs may take a little while to do load, but stick with it – some almost defy belief.

1. Triggering Nitrogen Triiodide

2. Fire Water (potassium, diethyl ether and water)

3. Chemistry for the sportsman: Hydrophobic Sneakers

4. Ferrofluids (Magnetic Liquids)

5. Hydrogen Balloon Explosion

6. Hand dipped in a carbon fiber film

7. Diethylzinc igniting with airs

8. Burning of NH4Cr2O7 with hidden HgSCN

9. Throwing Flames in Slow Motion

10. Bottling Fire

11. Lumos (or light a candle using the trail of smoke)