A positive outlook!

Sean Whalen of  Salt Lake City, Utah is a divorced father of three children who has been separated from his ex-wife for five years.

While over time they have grown into the happy-looking blended family in the photo below, it wasn't always this way.

Because of this, Sean shares the photo on his Facebook page with an important message:

Facebook/Sean Whalen

"This is my ex wife and her husband.Our 3 kids and their 2 kids.Tonight they invited me over for dinner.5 years ago she and I had to have a police escort just to pick up and drop off our kids.We only communicated through lawyers.I wanted to punch her boyfriend (now her husband).Tonight we broke bread, laughed, played with the kids and had a great evening.Never give up friends.PEACE is a choice.It's YOUR choice.Not THEIR choice.'Yea but he does...'

'Yea but she does...'What your ex does is IRRELEVANT.YOU CHOOSE how and what you say.

YOU CHOOSE how and what you do.Even when they are trying to fight with you.ESPECIALLY when they are trying to fight with you.CHOOSE to create PEACE by LIVING PEACEFULLY."Perfect advice for any ex-couples struggling to co-parent! Words to live by!