A simple gesture!

John McMillan had a lifetime dream of owning a fish and chips restaurant. When the 70-year-old finally opened his restaurant in Canada, he was so happy. But soon he ran  into some trouble. With customers making themselves scarce and money running out, John hadn't been able to pay himself for three months. Colin Ross had no idea of this when he stepped into the restaurant one afternoon:

Facebook/Colin Ross

A little hungover, Colin sees a fish and chips place and is excited for a hearty meal. He went  inside and noticed the empty dining room, and only the old man inside. He struck  up a conversation with the owner, and couldn't  believe how much he was struggling—especially after he tasted his meal.

Facebook/Colin Ross

Colin took to Facebook to try and help the restaurant out and maybe encourage a few people to give it a try.

Facebook/Colin Ross

"So I lived on the west side for few years now, coming up the hill from the driving range I see fish n chips on the wall. I've never been there and am a little hung over, thinking fish and chips will fix me up.

I open the door and there is a 70 year old man all by himself in this nice clean establishment so I ask him how's business and he said he can't even pay himself at the end of the day. That really bothered me. Anyone who knows me knows I have a big heart and want people to do well, especially a 70 year old man who has put in his time.

So I ordered the halibut special for $23 absolutely amazing. That traditional British fish and chips—just what I needed. And the owner was a gem real classy stand up guy so I ask everyone in Lethbridge to share this and go support this hard working gentleman. He deserves it."

Colin's post struck  a chord with his friends and local community. The next day, the line at the restaurant was out the door!