Not just helpful when you have a cold

It'll be a while before winter returns. Nonetheless, it can't hurt to take out the good old Vick Vaporub from the medicine cabinet even when it's sunny out.

The gel is a useful aid even when you don't have a cold. Here is a list of 6 other applications of this versatile medicine.

1.  Ear pain

Dunking a cotton swab in Vaporub and sticking in the affected ear can help alleviate ear pain. A piece of tape can hold the cotton swab in place. The remedy eases  infections and helps with the healing process.


2.  Ticks

In order to get rid of ticks that have implanted themselves inside you, you can rub Vaporub on the spot.

The little crummy beasts should go away on their own now. You should not tug on the tick because that increases the risk of them  bursting and, which in turn, increases the chance of infection.

Flickr/Fairfax County

3.  Stretch marks

Some people swear that stretch marks go away more quickly when they apply Vaporub on the affected areas. It's definitely worth a try.


4. House-trained  pets

In order to prevent a non-housebroken pet from doing his business inside, you can dollop  a little bit of the cold remedy in the problem zone. The animals don't like the smell and will avoid the area afterward.

Flickr/Monrovia Public Library

5.  Scratch marks

You can use it the same way to prevent cats from scratching against furniture. When doing this, don't carelessly rub the medicine on the surfaces. It's better to do a test beforehand to make sure  that no spots remain.

Flickr/MaureenKelly Nolan

6. Quicker effect

You're bound to  get a cold again soon. So rub Vaporub thickly over the soles of your feet. Put your socks on and go off to bed. Many substances are absorbed more quickly by the body via the feet. And, by the way, it keeps the feet as soft as a baby's butt.