An angel by post

Cara Grace Duggon, from Northern Ireland, is a young mother living a happy life with her boyfriend, Alex, and their twins, Scarlett and Leo. But some terrifying news hangs over the lives of the family. Cara's mother, who raised her lovingly and selflessly, being there for Cara her entire life, has cancer. The doctors say they cannot do much other than help to ease her pain.


But Cara's mom, Kim, has decided to try her luck with natural medicine. She begins a strict special diet, undergoes aromatherapy, begins visiting an infrared sauna and tries many other procedures. With an unbelievable result! Kim Duggon's tumor shrinks to half its size in less than a year after the horrifying diagnosis. To guarantee the special diet for her mother, Cara goes searches online for a special kitchen appliance to help her mom prepare her meals for the diet. But unfortunately, the appliance costs over $200! This is a hefty sum that the family cannot afford. Cara is ecstatic when  she finds a used one and immediately writes to the seller. How the conversation develops is something the young mother surely never expected:


Cara: Hi there, I was wondering if you still have your nutribullet for sale and if you would consider posting it? I could pay via PayPal so we're both protected? I've been looking for one for my mum as part of her cancer treatment but I can't afford the £130 price tag. Many thanks! Cara

Kindest Man Ever!: I'm sorry to hear that your mum has cancer. Just send me your address, I will post it to you and you don't have to pay for it. I also pray for your mum. And if there is anything I can do for you plz let me know.

Cara: Hi! That is so kind but we are honestly willing to pay if you can send us a PayPal address? Our address is ****. Prayers would be greatly appreciated, her cancer is very advanced but we are staying positive and want to give her green juices to help with treatment so think a nutribullet would be great! Many thanks, Cara.

Kindest Man Ever!: Your FastTrack order has been placed at Belfast Bloomfield Avenue. It is available until 12-08-15. Collection code: 8197.

Its paid now plz collect it today as I don't want you and your mom to wait for nutribullet.

If you have any problem in collecting the order or a need any info to collect the order plz don't hesitate to contact me.

Cara: I'm confused! Did you buy a new one?! How is it ready today?

Kindest Man Ever!: Yes I bought a new one and it's paid for. You just need to collect it. From Argos.

Cara: Oh my goodness! Why are you so kind! Thank you so so so much! I don't even know what to say! My baby is sleeping but when he wakes I will go and collect! Thank you so much!

Kindest Man Ever!: Don't say thanks to me. In fact, thanks to you for giving me this opportunity.

Cara: I'm still in shock, thank you so much!