Evelyn Moore has already endured a lot in her short life so far. When she was four  months old, she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a malignant disease of the nervous system. After eight rounds of chemotherapy, Evelyn is in remission, but a spinal tumor has caused her to be paralyzed below the chest.


Evelyn's father, Brad, just wants his daughter to be able to have a similar quality of life as other kids her age, so he tried to find a wheelchair for her. But toddler wheelchairs are not readily available, and the cost of getting one custom-made is astronomical. So, the crafty dad decided to make one himself.

Twitter/Ardoo Hoists

Brad found inspiration for the chair on Pinterest. Using a cutting board as a base, carefully placed wheels, and a Bumbo baby chair, he was able to build a low-cost, child-friendly wheelchair that is a perfect fit for Evelyn. At first she only was able to roll backwards, but now she can zip around everywhere!

Twitter/Ardoo Hoists

Now the only trouble Evelyn's parents have is keeping up with her!