But why not actually?

Children see the world with very different eyes: They have their own explanations for things that  seem obvious  to  adults. The misunderstandings that can sometimes arise as a result can really  astound  parents and often make them laugh. Hazel Hulse was a bit perplexed  when one morning she found a couple of maxi pads  in her young daughter's shoebox. Her daughter's explanation was so funny that her mother simply had to share it on Facebook:

Facebook/Hazel Hulse

"I'm about to die laughing!!!!! Sophia was trying on her school stuff, so I went and got her shoes out of the box.

Me: Sophia!!!! Why the heck have you got these in your shoe box?!

Sophia: <eye roll> Mummy, they're insoles! They make your shoes more comfy? You're so silly!


You can't make this stuff up!"

Facebook/Hazel Hulse

No, you really can't invent something like this  as an adult, but a  child's imagination knows no boundaries. Hazel, to say the least, got a great deal of amusement out of her daughter's  ingenuity. If you are bringing up children, all you need is a good dose of humor and the ability to get inside their heads every now and then!