The lines on your wrist say something about your character, your health and your future. That's what metaphysicians
want to find out. Take a look at yours and find out who you really are.

Line 1:  

Normally, everyone has two or three lines on their wrists. The first is the most important—it shows how healthy and active a person is.  If it is pronounced, it points to a happy, long and healthy life. If the line has cracks or breaks, you should change your lifestyle. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and stay relaxed. If the line breaks in several places, this may be due to difficulties in fulfilling one's childhood dreams.

Line 2:  

If this line is not broken or cracked, you will lead  a satisfying  and successful life. If it is particularly pronounced, chances of a life of luxury and wealth are very good. Breaks indicate financial problems.

Line 3:  

Not everyone has a third line. If you have one and it is continuous, you will have a big influence on other people, whether in your private life or career. You will definitely be remembered.  

Line 4:  

If you have a fourth line, you can look forward to a long life with many children.

But don't dismay if your lines have breaks or ridges: of course, in large part we are ourselves responsible for the happiness and success that we have in life. Concentrate instead on your strengths and talents and how to use these optimally.