What an incredible baby

Any parent will tell you that losing a child is his or her  worst nightmare. When Rachael Garner was told by doctors that her 19-month-old daughter, Nettie, would not survive pneumonia, she was devastated. The thought of losing her little one shook her to her core.  

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Nettie had been born with hydrocephalus
—a genetic disorder that causes accumulation of fluid in the brain, preventing the brain from fully developing. Although she was an otherwise healthy baby, Nettie's hydrocephalus predisposed her to a range of ailments, including epilepsy, cerebral palsy, developmental delay and partial paralysis. In the weeks following her birth, Nettie suffered five seizures in a short period of time and became totally dependent on a life support machine. Due to the baby's  fragile physical state, doctors said there was nothing more they could do for Nettie when she came down with pneumonia. They advised Rachael to take her home to have a quiet and peaceful death.

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Despite this gloomy  diagnosis, Rachael  refused to give up on her daughter and decided to look into alternative  treatments for her pneumonia. After days of browsing the web and reading through countless books, Rachael finally came upon a treatment option  that gave her hope: medical marijuana. The  treatment is considered extremely safe and  could hold the key to Nettie's survival. However, obtaining medical marijuana proved to be difficult for Rachael as she lived in a state where it isn't legal. She ended up reaching out to a cancer and epilepsy foundation, Carmen CBD Oils, which  helps families legally get a hold of medical marijuana oils at no cost.  

After receiving cannabidiol—a form of medical marijuana oil without the psychoactive compound THC–from the foundation, Rachael gave Nettie her first dose of the oil. The effect of the marijuana was almost instantaneous. Nettie's seizures stopped completely. She regained color in her face and was more alert and responsive. For Rachael, the differences before and after treatment were like night and day. Even doctors were amazed at how quickly Nettie began to recover. Finally, Rachael had gotten her daughter back.