I love this idea!

For some time now, in cities across the country, these small, strange boxes have been popping up in people's yards. From a distance you might mistake them for birdhouses, but the contents inside are intended for people:

Facebook/The Little Free Pantry

It's called "The Little Free Pantry" and it's filled with non-perishable foods, free for the taking. It was started by Jessica McClard of Fayetteville, Arkansas. She loved the idea of the "Little Free Library" boxes that were all over town, and thought it would translate well to food, too. The hope is that it would catch on throughout the town, and would be able to reach those that need assistance. "Open on nights and weekends, no questions asked, the Little Free Pantry fills gaps in service provided by organizations with operating hours and/or requiring paperwork/documentation."

The Little Free Pantry

What an easy way to help those less fortunate in the community! A true blessing!

Share with your friends and family and help get more of these little free pantries in neighborhoods across the country!