When forgiveness helps to heal



I forgive you for all these things because I know I am a better person for it. I went to my first day of elementary school without you, I graduated high school without you, and I started and made it halfway through college without you. I have come to terms with who I am and who I want to be. I now know which parent I want to model when I become a parent. Not having you has not defined my success, it pushed me and motivated me to succeed even more. Not because I wanted to prove it to you, but so  I could prove it to myself. When I look around, this family that has grown over time and the people who have come  in and out of my life have filled the void you left behind.

So just remember, you didn't screw me up when you left, when you stopped being with mom and when you ran from your problems. My world continued on without you. I really hope you have found happiness and I forgive you for being the man who created me but didn't want me.


The girl you brought into this world and you didn't want"

When someone walks out on us, we need to let them go. Everything happens for a reason and if that person is not meant to be by our side, there must be an explanation for it. Life is beautiful and this young woman knew how to make the most out it without her father being present. A beautiful letter from a woman who forgave something that not all of us could.