When forgiveness helps to heal

Being abandoned by your father is something terribly painful and is something no child or  family should have to bear. It leaves a mark for life  and it's  hard to deal with the feelings caused by such a  loss. But how  would you feel  towards that father, who one day just decided to take another path without contemplating the people in his family that he was leaving  behind? In  this young woman's room, her mother finds a letter, in which her daughter confronts  her feelings toward her father, the man who once raised  her and then abandoned her. It is hard to put yourself  in this girl's shoes:


"Dear dad, whom I never met,

I don't know your name and   I don't want to because it serves no purpose to me. You are probably reading this thinking I am going to tell you how you were an awful father and that you should be ashamed about how you walked out on me. This is not the case. What I am here to say is…

I forgive you.

I forgive you for not being there because it made me stronger. When I was younger and we would have  a Father's Day celebration in school, I would have my grandfather. When I was asked "Where's your dad?" I told them I didn't have one, but I had the next best thing. He'd already been a dad before so he knew what I needed to be taught. He always taught me not to back down to anyone or anything. He showed me that I was never going to be treated as anything less than a human being.


I forgive you for pushing me away because that made me find new arms to be close to. My grandmother taught me how to be respectful and trustworthy. She taught  me to  always be truthful to everyone you come in contact with because lying to them would be worse than any words you could say to them. She would not allow me to be disrespectful to others and if I was she also taught me punishment was a real thing. And I am telling you, she wasn't afraid to use it.

I forgive you for not being a parent because mom was able to pick up the slack. She has had the same job from the second I was born. She raised two children, held a 9-5 job and was always able to provide for us. Sometimes, it may not have been exactly what she wanted to give us, but we are eternally grateful for everything she has done for us. When we went on vacation, she worked her butt off to get us there and back and made sure we had the greatest time ever. She went to every event I was a part of, every show, every concert, and has pictures from every one of them. She was always there for everything and was proud of me for every memory I created.