I never knew!

Lemons give certain dishes and beverages that distinct sour, yet refreshing taste. We associate the smell with purity and cleanliness since so many cleaning products and/or candles are scented with lemon. But the power of the lemon goes far beyond those simple uses; they can even help fight colds!


1. Breathing problems

If you're suffering from asthma, a summer cold, or allergies, regularly inhaling the fumes of lemon juice can be very beneficial. You can even cut a fresh lemon and leave slices in your bedroom overnight. You should notice how much easier it is to breathe the next morning.

2. Nail and hair care

If you're a smoker or regularly wear dark nail polish without an undercoat, your nails may start turning yellow. Lemons can help counteract that. Cut a fresh lemon in half and rub it on your nails to get rid of any yellowing. Lemon juice is also a good way to prevent nail fungus and brittle nails. Likewise, washing your hair with lemon juice doesn't just naturally lighten it, it also gives in a healthy, shiny coat.

3. Itchy, flaky, or dry scalp

Lemons are a favorite home remedy to treat a red or itchy scalp. Simply mix freshly-squeezed lemon juice with water and massage it into your head. Let it soak for 5 minutes before washing your hair with a mild shampoo. If you have really serious dandruff, you won't need to dilute the juice with water.

4. Rough elbows or knees

Nearly everyone has experienced dry, cracked elbows and knees at some point. Lemon can help with that! Simply cut a lemon in half and rub it on the rough skin - you should be back to smooth in no time!

5. Bad breath


Did you just discover you have bad breath, but don't have gum or a toothbrush handy? Try drinking lemon water. Just add a few squeezes of lemon to your water and you'll be refreshed.

6. Wounds

Small nicks or cuts, or even insect bites, can be treated with lemon juice. Lemon juice slows blood flow and has disinfecting properties, both of which will help your cut heal faster. Simply put a few drops of lemon juice on your fresh wound.

7. Mouth or throat inflammation

Sore throats and painful sores in your mouth will disappear in no time if you gurgle lemon water several times a day.

8. Bad mood or difficultly concentrating

Did you know that lemon essential oil is known to have energizing properties and can boost your mood? Try putting a few drops in a bowl filled with water and let it sit in your room. You'll notice that you are more able to concentrate and will feel less tired - great!

9. Headaches