An unbelievable mistake!

This story about four young men and how they find each other in life is quite remarkable and has rarely (if ever) happened in this world before.

Jorge and Carlos are twins, but they couldn’t be more different: Jorge is a slender young man who is always in a good mood. While Carlos, his brother, has a larger build and is a man of few words.

Here you can watch the video (in Spanish) about how the four met for the first time:

The two go to a good school together in Bogota, the capital of Colombia. Afterwards, they go on to get good jobs as engineers after attending college. Their lives are actually perfect. But fate plays an almost bizarre joke on them, without them knowing. One day a colleague catches a glimpse of Jorge in the office. She had her cell phone on her and is confused and amazed at the same time.

She had actually taken a picture of her butcher with her cellphone that morning and had stared at it the whole day. The incredible thing about it: the butcher had the exact same face as Jorge. “Your twin!” says his colleague, showing Jorge the photo. Jorge laughing about the whole thing, reacts by saying, “I have a twin, but he doesn’t look anything like me.” But when he takes a closer look at the photo, Jorge can’t believe his eyes. Because how often does it come to pass that you see your own face on a stranger?

He shows the picture to a friend: “You look good,” he comments, but Jorge shakes his head. “That’s not me.” Jorge does some further research online and finds the other man’s Facebook page — his name is “William.”

As he looks through William’s pictures on Facebook, Jorge sees a picture that takes his breath away. It is so shocking that Jorge can’t believe it at all at first. Jorge doesn’t just see the man with his face but sees someone sitting next to him who has the face of Jorge’s twin brother, Carlos!

Jorge shows the pictures to Carlos and slowly everything becomes clear: they must have been switched at birth. The suspicions grow, especially once they discover that the two sets of “clones” were born in the same hospital and on the same day.

It’s clear to Jorge that he is the biological son since he looks very much like his mother and his sister. Carlos, the impatient and bigger brother, has always been the outsider in the family. For Carlos, the mix-up is a hard blow, especially since he admires his mother, who now no longer is his own, as such.