It is no surprise that vision is a big deal for humans.

Vision to humans is important because it’s vital in keeping us alive and functioning in society. For those of us who were born with bad vision, sometimes the simple instrument of spectacles can be life changing.

Here is a story about a 16-month old baby who was beyond amazed when her mother got her prescription glasses.

The mother brought her little baby to an optometrist for her lazy eye. After her appointment, they found out the toddler not only had a lazy eye, but she had a severe case of far sightedness, which in turn caused the lazy eye.

Although it’s pretty common for children to have far sightedness, they are usually at a 1 or 2. The little girl was at an 8! This is extremely rare, but it happens. This is why it is so important to get these things checked on early and resolved as soon as possible.

After getting fitted for glasses and waiting a few days, they received the baby’s glasses. The mother tried them on and could not believe how bad her daughter’s vision was. She then decided to record her daughter’s first time trying on the glasses. The reaction is adorable– a must watch.

After she put on the glasses, her first words were ‘Thank you’ and ‘Wow.’ The little girl was amazed about how the world looked around her.

Glasses, a thing so simple, changed the little girl’s life that day. The event was so touching that it brought tears to the mothers eye. It was emotional for the mother because she knows that her daughter will now be able to see better.

An incredible and touching sight to see.