Do you remember the first time you tried something and instantly fell in love?

For some of us it may be the first time we tried chocolate. Some people will even argue that chocolate is magical, I believe it is and this baby certainly believes it is.

The video we are about to show you is baby Emilia’s first time trying chocolate– her reaction will melt your heart. The parents of Emilia shared the video on Youtube and we couldn’t help but share it with you.

In the beginning, the baby didn’t know what to expect of this chocolatey goodness. She sat there kind of thinking to herself, “what is this?” After tasting this new treat, it didn’t take long for Emilia to realize the deliciousness of chocolate.

Immediately, a smile broke out on Emilia’s face as she moved around in excitation. The look of pure joy on this little child’s face is just adorable.

After about two spoons, the father joking says, “Okay, no more until your first birthday,” but the wife couldn’t help but cave into that cute little face. How can anyone resist that adorable face?

Upon finishing the final spoon, Emilia was left in confusion. She probably thought to herself, “Thats it? Three measly spoons?”

She would have probably ate the whole tub if no one was watching her.

A lot of people may get angry saying that children shouldn’t be eating empty calories, but I don’t think three little spoons is going to be a life changing event.

The baby’s reaction was a heartwarming sight to watch. The parents are great people for sharing this video and only allowing their little child three little scoops of chocolate.