In this 5-minute video, one single mother bravely speaks about her abusive relationship with her husband, and offers her advice to other women in her position.

Emma Murphy is a 26-year-old mother of two from Dublin, Ireland.

In the beginning of the video, it is quite clear what is wrong with Emma. Her left eye is black and she has multiple cuts on her chin. It seems that Emma has been physically abused, which she begins to talk about.

Watch Emma’s powerful words in the video below.

She starts out by saying that “I’ve been thinking long and hard, contemplating whether or not I should be posting this video.” That immediately yukseklikens the intensity of the video.

Emma opens up about her relationship with her husband, with whom she’s been with for over 3 years. She explains how much she has loved her husband, and how she trusted him and believed in what he said. That was until she began to find out some things her husband did behind her back.

When Emma got the news that her husband had cheated on her the first time, she was able to forgive him. However, when she received a phone call from the woman who her husband cheated on with, she broke down. The woman was pregnant, and there was nothing Emma could do about it.

Then, when Emma found out that her husband had cheated again with another woman, she could no longer forgive him. She confronted her husband, but when she asked him, he denied the claims. However, Emma could not longer believe in her husband. As their conversation became more heated, her husband decided to be physical. He punched her, and she could not believe what had happened.

Their relationship became more and more abusive, to a point where the physical abuse from the husband became routine. Emma wanted to accept things the way they were, just not for her, but for her kids as well. However, when the abuse was at its peak, Emma decided to walk away from her husband.

Today, Emma is a single mother who is raising her two kids on her own. She finds it tough to accept the reality that her children’s father won’t be around, but she knows it is for the better. In her video, Emma concludes with a message to all women in her position: “If there is any woman who feel that they can’t get out of their relationship, or who feels that they can’t; if it is unsafe, you just have to. If your man hits you, or raises his hand against you, you have to walk away.”