Beautiful example of a drunken friendship

This has got to be one of the funniest scenes I’ve seen unfold in a long time — two grown men attempting to transport a heavy sofa down a road in a residential area, while completely inebriated.

On a street in the village of Drumquin, Northern Ireland, a video was taken of two Irishmen arguing and bickering, in a language that barely resembles English. All the while they are trying to move a massive piece of furniture and, most importantly, all this while completely off their faces!

I guess it’s happened to all of us at one stage or another in our lives, coming up with genius plans after we’ve had a few too many drinks. There’s the good old tattoo you wake up regretting the next day or a really bad haircut that seemed like the best idea the night before! But this, well this takes the cake!

It’s just so entertaining to see the struggle and frustration when two intoxicated individuals lack any kind of control or coordination and their ambitious plan of hauling a massive sofa down the road ends up in disaster. It's wet outside, cushions fall off and at one stage the entire sofa lands on one of the men. The footage taken by Jason McCartan, driving by, looks more like something out of a poorly written comedy sketch, but this is priceless, because this really happened and that makes it infinitely more funny!

Watch the hilarious video below, which has since been viewed more than a million times on YouTube. It’s guaranteed to brighten up your day!

So I guess next time we try to do something that involves a great deal of physical effort whilst drunk, we should probably take some time to reconsider our actions. After all it could end up going drastically wrong like with these two guys, potentially ruining a friendship, or even worse, going viral for the whole world to see and laugh at!