So helpful

Car wax is a real all-rounder: whether dealing with a scratched windshield or car paint, spots and scrapes will be gone before you know it after a good wax treatment. Wax prevents rusting as well since it forms a thin, protective layer on a car's "problem zones." But there are other uses that go far beyond the automobile...

1. Polish your bathtub and shower

Tiles, shower doors, and of course bathtubs are some of the hardest surfaces to keep clean. If you polish them with car wax after a deep clean, calcium deposits and dirt will have a harder time taking hold in the first place and your bathroom will stay cleaner, longer. Try it for yourself!

2. Scratched CDs

Don't throw your old CDs - if you still have some - in the trash if they're a little scratched. First try repairing them with car wax by gently rubbing it on the back surface of the discs. Remove any excess wax with a microfiber cloth.

Flickr/Bernd Hutschenreuther

3. Fingerprints

Fingerprints show up so easily on shiny or dark surfaces. But you know what you can do? Rub car wax on them - that's it.

4. BBQ maintenance

Exterior BBQ surfaces are often made of dark painted metal and tend to easily collect dirt and rust. A layer of car wax is great for preventing both.

Flickr/Christoph Scholz

5. Dustpan treatment

If you coat your dustpan in car wax, nothing will stick to it. This is also a great trick for fan blades or other light surfaces that tend to attract dust.

6. Prevent water spots

If your calcium-rich tap water immediately causes water spots everywhere and it drives you nuts, try using some car wax. Cover any smooth surface with a thin layer of car wax and water will bead off easily.

Flickr/Rene Schwietzke

7. Protect tools from rusting

If you're afraid that your tools - whether scissors, hammer, or saw - are going to rust, try applying some car wax to them. They will remain in good shape and rust-free for a long time.

8. Appliance scratches

If you have very obvious scratches on your kitchen appliances, rub a little car wax on them and see how they disappear into thin air.

9. Protect your garden furniture