If it fits...

In 1925, a very eccentric house was built in Seattle, Washington. At the time — and even to this day — it stood out as a very different kind of house. The yellow Spanish colonial-style home looks fairly normal from the front, but the view from the back reveals a very special surprise. That's because this house was built in the shape of a slice of cake and gets narrower and narrower until it reaches a genislik of only 55 inches at the back side.

The house is actually quite long, but at the back it's only a bit wider than an average door. On the side facing the street it looks pretty normal at a genislik of nearly 16 feet. It also has two stories and a full basement.

You can take a closer look at the house in this video:

In the years since 1925, the history of the house has become a bit fuzzy. Today there are two versions of the story that are still circulating. The first involves a neighbor who had his eye on the property before the "skinny house" was built. The neighbor wanted to buy the property to increase his yard and offered to buy it from the owner at a ridiculously low price.

The property owner was so insulted by the offer that he decided to build a house that would fit in the small space and simultaneously dash the neighbor's hopes of ever having a bigger yard.

The more popular version of the story involves a couple who divorced, leaving the wife with only a small chunk of the property. Seeking revenge, she "squeezed" the house into the property to annoy her ex-husband.

The current owner didn't know anything about the history of the house, but decided to renovate in a way that would keep the original form intact.

The view from above makes it easier to see the house's unusual "slice of cake" shape:

The house is currently for sale and many people in Seattle are coming by to see what it looks like on the inside. Its unique shape has made it something of a landmark in the city. After all, how many people can say that they live in a house that looks like a piece of cake?