Earache? See ya!

Anyone who  has suffered from an earache, knows how hellishly painful it can be. I can personally remember when I was younger and had a middle ear infection, and  there  not being anything that could  assist. Not even clenching my teeth helped, the pain was simply too much.

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Of course at some point the antibiotics would kick in and alleviate the pain. But this isn't always guaranteed. There are also those who refuse to use any  pharmaceutical products because of the amount of side effects they can have. Therefore, this idea is genius, because you can fight your earache with salt.

Other than salt, all you'll need is  white socks. This is important because otherwise they stand the chance of discolouring.  

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It is important that the salt is coarse sea salt. They  should be rough grains so that they don't escape  out of the sock. And sea salt is vital because of its particular chemical composition. 1 - 1.5 cups should be enough.

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You pour the  salt, as you would  expect, into the socks. To do this, you should roll the edge of the sock inside out, or use a funnel when filling, so that the salt doesn't spill everywhere.  

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The socks should be tightly knotted, preferably with a double-knot.

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The end packet should be roughly the size of the palm of your hand.