Always something new

Life as a taxi driver in New York is definitely full of strange and interesting experiences. In the "city that never sleeps" these yellow cars are constantly weaving their way through the streets carrying their passengers from one place to another. But one day this taxi driver was called to a very special address. What he experienced there touched him in a very deep way and now he wants to share the story with whole world:

"I was called to an address. As usual, I honked my horn when I arrived but nobody came out. I honked again but still no one came. I got a bit impatient, it was my last call of the day and I was almost ready to give up and drive away, but I decided to stay. When I rang the doorbell, I heard an old, frail voice say: 'Just a moment, please.'


It took a while before the door opened and when it did, I saw a small, old lady standing there. She must have been at least 90 years old and she was holding a small suitcase in her hand. With the door open I could see into the apartment and was surprised at what I saw. It looked like no one had lived there for a long time. There were sheets over all the furniture and the walls were totally bare, no clocks, no pictures, nothing. The only thing I saw was a box full of photos and keepsakes tucked into the corner.


'Please, young man, can you carry my suitcase to the car?' asked the old woman. I took the case and put it in the trunk. Then I went back, took the lady by the arm and escorted her slowly to the car. She thanked me for being so helpful. 'Don't mention it,' I told her, 'I treat all of my guests the same way I would treat my mother.' The woman smiled, 'Oh, you are so nice," she said. She got into my taxi, told me the address she wanted to go to and asked me not to drive through the city center. 'But that's not really the shortest route. It's actually a huge detour,' I advised her. 'That's fine with me. I'm not in an hurry,' she replied. 'I'm on my way to a hospice,' she continued.