I completely forgot

Patrick still remembers getting picked up from school by his grandma because he felt completely nauseous. His grandma would give him a handful of olives to eat, telling him that they would make him feel better. Patrick didn't like olives, but he believed her, ate them, and to his surprise felt a lot better straight away.


Many people have stories like this, but a lot of grandma's home remedies easily disappear into the past. The following 11 tips have helped generations of people make quick recoveries from stomach aches and more.

1. Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Drink a glass of water with a pinch of baking powder. This will turn your bladder more alkaline, making it more difficult for bacteria to multiply.

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2. Menopause

Include yam, cooked or in pill form, at mealtimes. This root vegetable contains lots of antioxidants and is high in vitamin A. These both help to lower your cholesterol levels. Yams also contain diosgenin, a steroid related to the hormone progesterone. Consumption can help relieve chest tightness, PMS symptoms, and bloody spotting.

3. Hair loss

It's not just men who have to worry about hair loss. Losing your hair can be really frustrating so you should get right on it if you start to see extra hair in your hairbrush or in the shower. A simple way to combat hair loss is drinking herbal tea. Drinking nettle and herbal tea regularly helps to strengthen your hair follicles, making your hair less likely to fall out. But keep in mind, all good things in moderation: too much herbal tea can damage your kidneys.

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