Nail polish tricks made easy

Chances are you have something in your bathroom that can do a lot more than you thought it could. Most people buy nail polish remover so they can remove nail polish. Pretty obvious, right? Well it turns out that nail polish remover can actually be used for a great deal  more. Check it out here:

1. Remove scratches from your watch

Flickr/MIKI Yoshihito

If you scratch your watch and the face of your watch  is actually made of plastic, you can apply a few drops of nail polish remover to a tissue and rub the affected area. This will make the scratch much less obvious.

2. Refresh dried-out nail polish

Flickr/Maria Morri

If your nail polish has dried up and gone all clumpy, you can bring it back to life with some nail polish remover. Simply pour a few drops into the bottle, give it a bit of a shake and the nail polish will loosen up and become liquid again. This trick also works on white-out liquid.

3. Remove melted plastic

If you run into the problem of melted plastic on your stovetop, you can simply pour some nail polish remover on it and rub it with paper. Then you can clean the area with a wet cloth and you're done.

4. Remove superglue

Flickr/Andrew Plumb

Even superglue doesn't stand  a chance against nail polish remover! If a few drops of glue fall in the wrong spot, simply put some nail polish remover on it, let it soak in and wipe the glue away.

5. Remove ink from your fingers



If you like to use fountain pens, you might find that you end up with ink all over your fingertips. Nail polish remover can remove these stains quickly and easily.

6. Make porcelain shine like new

When porcelain gets older it can end up with stains that can't be removed with regular polishing. Using nail polish remover instead can remove these stains and leave your porcelain looking shiny and new.

7. Remove stickers and tape

Stickers and tape that have been on something for a while don't come off easily and even when they do, they often leave their sticky glue  behind. You can remove this residue with nail polish remover. Simply put some on a cloth and rub the sticky gunk until it's gone.

8. Brighten the soles of your shoes