Just like magic

In many ways, advancements in technology keep making life  easier. But sometimes we make things much more complicated than they need to be.  Here are 33 fantastic ways to keep your house in tip-top condition without wearing yourself out or spending a lot of money on cleaning products.

1. Clean your silver

Line a dish with aluminum foil and add some salt and boiling water. Let your silver soak for 30 minutes and then rinse it off; it'll be sparkling clean!


2. Shower head

You barely have to lift a finger to clean your shower head. Just add distilled vinegar to a plastic bag and tie it around your shower head. Let the head soak overnight and all those pesky mineral deposits will be obliterated. Remove the bag in the morning and wipe off any remnants with a sponge.


3. Water spots

Annoying spots will disappear if you wipe the liquid away with a towel right away and dry the surface with a hair dryer.


4. Ceiling fan

Try using a bed sheet or pillowcase to wipe away dust and capture it right away.


5. Stain removal

Combat hard-to-remove stains with diluted alcohol in a spray bottle. Let the liquid soak in and  then rub it  out with a sponge. Make sure to brush any residue away with a bristle brush.


6. Mattress disinfectant

Vodka makes for a great disinfectant. Fill a spray bottle with the clear alcohol and add a drop of essential oil if you choose. This potent mixture is the perfect mix to rid your bed of mites and other pests.