I love you mom!


5. She is your biggest fan and supporter

No one else in the world is happier when you achieve your goals. And mom is always there to cheer you on while you are striving towards them.  

6. You are always her top priority

Mothers are the most selfless people in the world. Your mother's needs will always be second to yours and she is always willing to drop what she is doing and help you.

7. She loves you unconditionally

Some mothers have children who become hardened criminals and end up in jail. But their moms never stop loving them and visit them regularly, never admitting that their children could do any wrong. No matter what their children become, mothers always love them just the way  they are.


8. She shows you the right way

Your mom only wants the best for you. She gives you valuable advice about how you can use your talents and skills most effectively. If you find yourself at a dead end, your mother will always help you find your way. She would never tell you to give up on your dreams. Instead, she motivates you never to give up!

9. She has the best smile

Even in big crowds you can always find your mother's smiling face. It's simply unmistakable and always makes you feel warm and safe. And her sense of humor always makes you smile too!

Flickr/ Simon Blackley

Your mother is someone very special. Be sure to let her know how much she means to you while she is still here. She may not be perfect, but no one is. She only wants the best for you because she loves you more than anything. Take a minute today to let her know how much you care.