Father-daughter surprise guests with a sensational wedding dance

It's wedding tradition for the father of the bride to dance the second dance with his daughter.

But when Nate Ellis and his newlywed daughter Mikayla, both of Utah, take the floor, their guests didn't have the smallest suspicion that the next dance was going to be anything but traditional.

The dance-crazy pair really fire up the stunned crowd. What starts out as an innocent little dance, turns on a dime into a wild ride through dance hall history: "Hammer Time" by MC Hammer, "Bye, Bye, Bye" from 'N Sync and "The Carlton Dance" (from "The Prince of Bel-Air") - they're both unstoppable, dancing their shoes to pieces.

Nate is as proud as he could be of his talented, fiery daugther and hopes their performance will inspire other fathers to give their daughters away in similar fashion. "Never miss a chance to dance with your daughter!" he said. We got the message: the pair have already thrilled thousands of people with their show. Who can watch this and not want to get out there on the dance floor too?