Hurry now!

Your wedding is usually one of the most beautiful moments of your life. No one wants to deal with an unpleasant surprise on their wedding day. So you can imagine the giant scare the bride in this video, Vicky, got when the bridegroom, Stuart, stormed out of the English church of St. John the Baptist right in the middle of the ceremony.

All because he'd forgotten the one thing you absolutely can't forget at your wedding.

Not only was Vicky speechless, but Stuart's brother and best man, Robert, couldn't believe what Stuart was doing. Their moment of panic quickly gave way, though, to the realization that Stuart — together with no less a co-conspirator than their pastor — had indulged in another one of his notorious pranks. Right after he exited the church to get the wedding ring he'd allegedly left at home, a screen unfurled in the church showing a gloriously loony video of Stuart's "trip."

By the latest as they watched the bridegroom hopping along frantically on a pogo stick, the wedding guests were laughing uproariously. Of course Vicky forgave her future husband the little caper. Stuart's humor, after all, must be one of the reasons why she fell in love with him. Marriage will never be boring with this charming joker at her side, guaranteed!