Anything to bring him back to life

It was an ordinary day in Marsala, a little town on the southeast coast of Sicily. The August sun was shining brightly and people were outdoors, enjoying the last days of the summer holiday.

Local coast guard officers had just returned from one of their daily patrols when the sound of children screaming out on a pier got their attention. They instantly steered their boat over to the scene, where the kids pointed them to the body of a kitten floating in the water. Luckily these officers were generous and animal-friendly enough to take this emergency absolutely seriously: one of them jumped straight into the water, scooped up the body, and swam it back to the boat.

But they quickly realized that the kitten wasn’t breathing. And here’s the amazing part: they just wouldn't give up on him. They did what they were so well-trained to do with human beings — CPR, the full emergency procedure, just… kitten-sized.

Here’s the video of the incredibly sweet rescue. You won't believe how sweet and persistent the Coast Guard officers are:

When it came to giving mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, the one officer doesn’t even stop to think about it. They simply couldn’t have reacted more humanely. And it worked! They brought the kitten back to life, wrapped him up in a warm towel and brought him directly to the local veterinary clinic. Somewhere along the way they gave him a name too: Charlie.

This tiny little guy would have had no chance — in fact, he’d already given up the ghost when the teamwork of those kids and the fantastic Coast Guard officers saved him. Now Charlie’s in good hands and will get a chance to grow into a healthy, happy cat.

Nine lives? Maybe there’s something to it!