I'm not doing this anymore!

Lying in bed with your smartphone, checking email, social media, chatting, playing games... sound familiar? For a whole lot of people, it's a normal bedtime ritual.

Only a few people stop and think about whether this habit could have negative health effects. But it does and you should know the four most important ones:

Flickr/ Japanexterna.se

1. It's literally destroying your brain cells.

Spending time on the phone before sleeping denies your "grey cells" time they urgently need to refresh. In the short term you might just notice that your memory isn't quite what it was. Then your ability to concentrate will decline. And finally, your ability to solve problems and think clearly will be negatively affected.  

Flickr/ Blondinrikard Fröberg

2. It sends your brain the message: stay awake!

The bright quality of the light on the screen can lead to real problems falling asleep. That light causes your brain to suppress the sleeping hormone melatonin. (At the very least, it can be good to get an app that changes the light like this one

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