All you need is love

Thanks to animal rescue organizations, many stray, abused, and abandoned animals overcome incredible odds to find health and forever homes. Animal Aid Unlimited is an organization dedicated to street animal rescue in India, and when workers found a dog in the back of a broken down truck, they knew there was a lot of work ahead. The dog, later named Alice, was emaciated and suffering from an extreme case of mange.

Her skin had become so calloused that it seemed as though she was turning into stone. And while many dogs flee when approached, Alice was too exhausted to even look up.

You can watch the whole story unfold in this video:

"She seemed to be in a kind of delirium," the team later reported.

Only after her rescuers offered her a treat did she begin to show signs of life.

After calming her, the rescuers climbed into the truck and began to pet her skin carefully.

It was clear that Alice was still very nervous. When the rescuers tried to pick her up she snapped at them in fear. Eventually, they managed to wrap her in a blanket and carry her to safety.

After she arrived at the shelter, Alice appeared paralyzed by fear, but her rescuers were determined. They begin to lotion her with an ointment to soften her "stone skin," which they later carefully peeled away.

Eventually Alice was able to stand up. And although still obviously frightened, she allowed a worker to apply more medicine to her back, and to bathe her. As the days passed, Alice became more calm and her skin was looking more and more healthy.

After six weeks, Alice was hardly recognizable. Her fur grew back and she was once again the happy dog that she once was. Though her eyes were still heavy, it was clear that she was headed towards a life she deserved.

Look at that sweet face!

Every year Animal Aid rescues hundreds of dogs with very sad stories. For many animals suffering from medical conditions, rescue organizations are their only hope.